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 SWIR / NIR Cameras  


SWIR / NIR Cameras



The SWIR cameras of our family IKxxxx camera are highly sensitive infrared cameras (SWIR, NIR). The sensitivity interval reaches from 900 nm to 1700 nm. The sensor does not need active cooling. The thermal optimized housing enables easy integration into existing measurement with stable temperature conditions.

The optional available M42 to C-mount adapter or F-mount (Nikon) to C-mount extends the number of lenses which can be used with this camera. Via standard USB2.0 interface can be controlled by each PC or notebook.

The 14-bit A/D converter provides high dynamics of captured image data. Correction procedures specially adapted to properties of InGaAs sensors assure very high image quality.



SWIR cameras with InGaAs sensor IK1112 and IK15xx


Camera IK1112 IK1512 / IK1513 IK1523
Sensor 3/4", InGaAs,
progressive scan
3/4", InGaAs,
progressive scan
1,3", InGaAs,
progressive scan
Image resolution 320 256 pixel 320 256 pixel 640 512 pixel
Cooling uncooled uncooled / TE-cooling TE-cooling
Pixel Size 30 30 m 30 30 m 25 25 m
Frame rate   110 fps at full frame
~350 fps available
110 fps at full frame
~350 fps available
    30 fps at full fram
~105 fps available
Spectral range 900 nm 1700 nm
900 nm 1700 nm
(optional: up to 2200 nm TE-cooled)
900 nm 1700 nm
(optional: up to 2200 nm TE-cooled)
Shutter global shutter
Exposure time range 10 s 1 s
A/D resolution 14 bit
Data interface USB2.0 (high-speed) (optional DVI, HD-SDI, GigE, ...)
Power supply USB bus powered 12 - 24 V DC 12 - 24 V DC
Power consumption typ. 2.1 W   2.5 W (without cooling)
< 10 W (with cooling)
  2.5 W (without cooling)
< 10 W (with cooling)
Dimensions (without lens) 31.4 45 95 mm 91 91 86 mm 91 91 86 mm
Mass (without lens) approx. 130 g approx. 900 g approx. 900 g
Lens adapter C-Mount / adjustable
optional: M42, F-Mount
M42 or C-Mount / adjustable
optional: F-Mount (Nikon)
M42 or C-Mount / adjustable
optional: F-Mount (Nikon)
Digital inputs (optional)               2 opto-decoupled (programmable)
1 TTL trigger input (fast)
Digital outputs (optional)                              2 opto-decoupled (programmable as strobe)


  • Examples for applications fields of SWIR cameras:

    • surveillance and security applications, night vision

    • IR laser beam profiling

    • NIR/SWIR image processing

    • SWIR imaging

    • SWIR spectroscopy

    • SWIR thermography

    • scientific and medical applications


Design and specification may change without notice.