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News 2020

30 years know-how in product development with latest FPGAs, DSPs, GPUs, iamge sensores, interfaces and electronic solutions
- from sensor integration to image processing
- from electronics developmentto system customization
- camera, electronics and measuring systems at highest level

- new high resolution image sensor families (e.g. Sony IMX530, SWIR HD, ...) with according interfaces to sensor and for data transmission
- camera systems with USB3.0 USB3.1, Displayport, GenICam, CAN-Bus, CANopen ..
- latest FPGAs (MPSoC): Zynq7000, Zynq Ultrascale+ with ABS own ImagePipe
- development of camera systems with Sony Pregius „S“ sensors (3rd/4th generation) for cameras with SLVS-EC interface
- high-end microscopy cameras and polarization cameras
- ruggedized cameras for harsh environmental conditions

News 2019-01

- from thermally optimized to polarization measurement
- from deep learning to machine vision
- camera, electronics, and high-level measurement systems

ABS GmbH – The Specialist for FPGA, DSP and GPU based Digital Camera Systems
- NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Smart camera - Machine Vison, Deep Learning and customized image processing
- high end 5 megapixel sophisticated polarization camera
- climate chamber camera KK101 for usage in extreme environmental conditions
News 2018-03 Polarization Camera UK39396 (12 megapixel)
                                  UK39376 (5 megapixel)
Visualise hidden things with state-of-the-art polarization sensors
News 2018-02 –

From the idea to the construction –
From raw material to the product –
From requirement to  certification
- more than 25 years of expertise in solving complex development tasks
- broad-based development expertise in electronics development, signal processing, mechanical engineering and precision manufacturing
- complete mechanical-electronic solution - development from the design to the finished product
Press release branch office Madeira Five-year Anniversary of the ABS Branch in Madeira Visionary Electronic Development in Paradise 02/2018
News 2018-01 –

Specialist for measuring camera systems
- precisely adjustable and light-sensitive measuring
   camera systems for demanding applications
- highly parallel multi-FPGA based real-time
   image processing with extremely low latency
- cooled high-end 12 megapixel microscopy camera
   for the highest demands
Newsletter 2017/12 Product family adjustable measuring camera UK39266: camera measurement and Scheimpflug applications with high-precision adjustment 12/2017
Newsletter 2017/09 SWIR microscopy / infrared microscopy with highly sensitive SWIR cameras from ABS 09/2017
News 2017-01 From visible to multispectral – from LED to Laser
Imaging, lighting and measuring systems from a single source
  • measuring system for surface analysis, laser triangulation, 3d scans, profile measurement
  • special solutions for multispectral microscopy inspection tasks
  • spectral stabilized light for high-precision lighting tasks
News 2016-2
  • robust camera systems for toughest operating conditions from farm machinery up to heavy industry
  • continuously new cameras with high-resolution sensors
  • special solutions from multispectral to astronomy cameras
News 2016-1 New competences in development, manufacturing and quality assurance
  • climate chamber to vibration measurement setup for in-house testing
  • cleanliness – key quality requirement for optics and camera technology
  • in-house CNC machine for prototyping small series manufacturing
News 2015-2
  • Laser Triangulation Scanner
  • ToggleCube - VisionCube
News 2015-1
  • Laser triangulation / Light Sheet Sensor
  • UK31265 with industrial Slow-Motion
News 2014-2
  • Scalable Multi-FPGA-Board >>more (DE)
  • ABS continuously integrates new high-resolution image sensor families
  • Specialist in high-speed interfaces in combination with high-resolution sensors
  • Rugged camera systems including lenses
  • Special camera solutions from multispectral and slow-motion to miniature cameras
News 2014-1
  • WK3101 - New version of one of the smallest miniature camera heads worldwide
  • UK31053 and ABSVideoCapture – the affordable industrial slow motion
  • HK39078 – The HD-SDI HDTV-Camera that thinks along
News at productronica 2013 ToggleCube und VisionCube - Kostengünstige Systemlösungen für Traceability und Baugruppenprüfung 10/2013 lesen (DE)
Presentation at the science convention "Osteologie 2013" Potenzial von Short Wave Infrared-Kameras (SWIR) zur Diagnostik pathologischer Veränderungen am Knochen 03/2013  
Press release news 2013 Neue Generation USB-Kameras mit USB3.0 01/2013 lesen (DE)
Press release news 2012 High-End-Kamera PK51xxx mit PCIe-Interface 09/2012 lesen (DE)
Press release branch office Madeira ABS plant Außenstelle auf Madeira - High-Tech im Urlaubsparadies 06/2012 lesen (DE)
News and information   2011-2014 lesen (DE)
Press release embedded world 2011 Minikamera UK1153 mit 1,3MPixel Global-Shutter-Sensor von e2v 12/2010 lesen (DE)
Press release embedded world 2010 HD-Kamerafrontend für PCIe 02/2010 lesen (DE)
Trigger options of the mini cameras Triggermöglichkeiten der Produktfamilie Minikamera UK11xx   (DE)
ABS becomes Image Acquisition Partner Volle Kompatibilität zur Bildverarbeitungssoftware HALCON inkl. ActivVisionTools 11/2008 lesen (DE)
Press release electronica 2008 Software ImageCapture zur Kamerasteuerung und Bildgewinnung 09/2008 lesen (DE)
Press release High-Speed recording High-Speed-Videoaufzeichnung für Industrie, Medizin und Wissenschaft 09/2008 lesen (DE)
News ABS-Info 03 / 2007 Kameradokumentationsplatz 10/2007 lesen (DE)
News ABS-Info 02 / 2007 DVI-Kamera DK8075 09/2007 lesen (DE)
News ABS-Info 01 / 2007 Kamera UK1157 07/2007 lesen (DE)
News ABS Videomikroskopie Varianten ABS-Kamera in der Videomikroskopie 04/2007 Info (DE)
News ABS High-Speed-Kamera UK1155 als High-Speed-Kamera 01/2007 Info (DE)


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